Taking your baby home from the NICU can be scary.

Firstday Healthcare is coming to help.

How it works

Data Flow

Data from the Firstday Healthcare gateway tablet app is instantaneously synchronized in our cloud to the browser command center view and our parents smartphone app for use when not physically near the gateway tablet

Parent Smartphone App

Realtime Vital Signs

Graph vital sign trends and share results with others. SMS alerts sent to families and care team based on predetermined set values.

Medical Record

Upon login to our app, parents are able to find their infant’s entire NICU medical record, which is constantly updated by our team. Parents can then download and share parts, or the entire record, with the click of a button.

Infants Providers / Appointments

All contact information of infant’s doctors with upcoming appointment dates with SMS reminders to improve compliance.

HIPAA Compliant text and video

Have a question or concern at 2AM? Our 24/7 neonatal providers are available to provide assistance and loop in the infant’s Pediatrician as well as the hospital Neonatologist.

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