Ross Sommers MD

Ross Sommers is the CEO/ founder of Firstday Healthcare and an Ivy league trained Neonatologist and the proud dad of six amazing kids.

When not taking care of babies in the hospital or at home he can be found trying to find ways to best utilize technology to bring the care he provides in the NICU to parents homes.

Ross Sommers MD

Robert Koppel MD

Robert Koppel is the chief medical officer of Firstday Healthcare, the regional perinatal medical director at Northwell Health, Professor of Pediatrics at Hofstra University as well as the proud dad of and grandfather of  Robert helps to oversee that the quality of care of infants on the Firstday Healthcare platform is equal to that of infants located in the NICU.

Saurabh Mathur

Saurabh is chief technology officer of Firstday Healthcare  having helped scale several large large healthcare technology companies. As the proud dad of a NICU grad he is eager to help bring this greatly needed technology to the hands of other parents of NICU grads

David Wenger

David is chief revenue officer of Firstday Healthcare and is also the father of a NICU grad. As a seasoned digital healthcare executive David  is responsible for the business development of Firstday Healthcare helping to oversee the business growth of our greatly needed service .