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Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

AI Predictive Analytics

AI Predictive Analytics

Parent Smartphone App

Parent Smartphone App

Care Coordination

Care Coordination

What we Do

We empower parents of NICU Graduates with innovative models of home healthcare leading to fewer ER visits and readmissions.

Continuous respiratory rate, heart rate, temperature, and oxygen saturations monitored by 24/7 board certified Neonatologists available to support families with questions or concerns.

Patented and clinically proven algorithm utilizing infant heart rates variability to earlier; detect clinical deterioration before the infant develops symptoms.

Parent smartphone app with access to infant’s vital signs and complete updated medical records that can be shared with the click of a button.

Increased family engagement along entire healthcare journey by providing patient navigation solutions for complex NICU graduates.

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  • Realtime Vital Signs

    Graph vital sign trends and share results with others. SMS alerts sent to families and care team based on predetermined set values.

  • Medical Record

    Upon login to our app, parents are able to find their infant’s entire NICU medical record, which is constantly updated by our team. Parents can then download and share parts, or the entire record, with the click of a button.

  • Infants Providers / APPOINTMENTS

    All contact information of infant’s doctors with upcoming appointment dates with SMS reminders to improve compliance.


    Have a question or concern at 2AM? Our 24/7 neonatal providers are available to provide assistance and loop in the infant’s Pediatrician as well as the hospital Neonatologist.

Parents of NICU Infants

Firstday Healthcare is currently pre-launch. If you would like to receive updates regarding our service please join our email list to learn more information about when it will be ready for you.

For Families

For Families

Firstday Healthcare offers parents peace of mind by providing them with the digital healthcare tools they need to help
support their NICU graduate and successfully transition from NICU to home.

  • Decreased parental anxiety
  • Single point of contact for ongoing medical needs
For Health Systems

For Health Systems

Firstday Healthcare offers hospitals the ability to increase NICU discharge patient engagement and promote improved

  • Earlier NICU discharge and decreased readmission rates
  • Improved patient loyalty throughout families entire healthcare journey
  • Improved conversion rates and NICU census through community awareness of value based service hospital provides


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